Is sustainable packaging a selling point?

To say that sustainable packaging comes up a lot in our work these days would be an understatement

What we’re often asked is: Do people care? Does it matter to them? Is it a driver for choice?

And the answer is no – and yes

There are still plenty for whom it isn’t top of mind, and more for whom it’s not a purchase driver. But at the same they think it should be, will be and (most importantly) they don’t think they should be the ones in the driving seat. They feel it’s the duty of manufacturers to take the lead …. and get on with it

In effect, despite the fact that sustainable packing is by no means yet the norm, it’s already pretty much a hygiene factor. Less a case of ‘doing something good’ and more a case of no longer doing something bad

So even if a brand is ‘first in show’ with a sustainable pack, if it fanfares the fact or tries to use it as a key selling point, the risk is that consumers find it cringe-worthy or irritating – none of which does it any good

In short, quite apart from the moral and ethical drivers at play here, the message we’re hearing from consumers is clear:

Do it. Do it now. Just don’t shout about it