Bet you don’t know the half of it

Some recent conversations brought home to us that not everyone knows the full range of what Lucid offers. Nowhere near, in fact. Bit of a shocker…. e.g:

📺 💡Some think we’re experts in developing / testing comms ideas, and don’t know we’re also skilled specialists in innovation work – including, where needed, helping manage the process and developing (not just testing) concepts

🗺 📈 Some think we’re all about brand strategy, positioning, brand assets and brand health reviews and don’t know that we have considerable experience and expertise in trends and foresight work. Which we do.

👀 💻 Some think we’re great at moderating face-to-face groups (either in-person or online) and don’t know that we also work digitally, and often include a digital element as part of in-person projects. Often, and increasingly so.

📱 💥 Many don’t know we offer mobile ethnography, or that we collaborate with semioticians, quant agencies and other consultancies. Regularly. We love it.

⛏ ➡ Even fewer know that our strategic minds make us expert at mining the insight you already have ­(or missed because projects were chasing a single-minded objective), setting this in the context of broader trends to enable you to find innovation and brand strategy springboards that ‘surf the zeitgeist’

So I thought I’d set the record straight (and hope I just have).

Read more about the kinds of work we do here:

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