Lucid sponsors CHOMP at Fabrica

This post comes to you with warmest wishes for 2022 from all at Lucid.

Because we strongly believe that creativity really matters (and we’re not just saying that) and because child food poverty is a travesty, we are sponsoring a year of CHOMP at Fabrica. 

Fabrica is a contemporary visual arts organisation in Lucid’s home town of Brighton that commissions amazing, often immersive, frequently beautiful, and always thought-provoking visual art installations specific to the former Regency church it inhabits.

CHOMP is the free lunch club Fabrica runs in the school holidays, providing a warm, healthy meal and creative activities for kids from low income families and their carers. You can watch a video here or read about it here. Take a look at some of what the kids get up to:

Examples of Fabrica installations follow, and you can look at the exhibition archive here and read about the organisation here.

Maddy Morton

Maddy is Director of Lucid. She has been described as a 'maestra' with groups of people and is appreciated for her passion and commitment as well as the clarity of her strategic thinking, insight and expression. Maddy began her career in advertising at Ogilvy and BBH and then worked at the Arts Council, English National Opera, AEA consulting and Stimulating World Research before setting up Lucid.

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