It’s all a bit Sneetches:

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear someone in the insight world claiming qual is dead and it’s all about Big Data and behavioural economics, or semiotics is the new black or all these things lack the depth and emotional insight you get from being face to face, so groups and workshops are still the answer and if they’re co-creative, even better. If you grew up with Dr Seuss you’ll understand what we mean when we say: don’t you think it’s all getting a bit Sneetches?

A bit too much of a ‘we’re better than you are’, ‘no we’re better than you are’ kind of a thing?

(if you don’t know the brilliant Sneetches story, you can see an Amazon preview here). We understand that people can feel they have to fight for their beliefs. Lord knows, we’ve done it. Telling people how much better our way of working is because we use movement and imagery to bypass the rational mind, or trick the thought police into submission with our lively and improv-heavy approach.

But here’s the thing. Surely the truth is that there is no one ‘better way’?

All ways have something to offer, and all have their limitations. What we need is less defensiveness and more cross-method planning, less boasting and more inter-agency trust. And more collaboration. And let’s start with the customer. What does he or she need? What’s the best way to help him or her uncover and tell us their truth, show us what they feel with their hearts and share with us their most inspired ideas? And then let’s do that, whatever it may be. Because that way lies the treasure.

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Maddy Morton

Maddy is Director of Lucid. She has been described as a 'maestra' with groups of people and is appreciated for her passion and commitment as well as the clarity of her strategic thinking, insight and expression. Maddy began her career in advertising at Ogilvy and BBH and then worked at the Arts Council, English National Opera, AEA consulting and Stimulating World Research before setting up Lucid.

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