The Lucid way to smarter, better international research

Chatting with a client recently, we discovered they didn’t realise we ‘do’ international research, so we thought we’d share what we offer and why clients tell us it’s better.

We work all over the world, with a network of trusted partners. What’s important is the way we handle it:

We don’t do as some do, commissioning local partners to do the work and then synthesising their findings. Instead, we not only lead but actively take part in all aspects of every project, in every market.

When running groups/depths, either in person or virtually we moderate ourselves in both English-speaking and French-speaking markets (as I spent many years in France so I’m fluent in the language). For other languages, we brief partners in our network and then personally attend every live session, either remotely or in person. When we’re there in person, we’re not behind the glass but in the room with consumers using cordless sim trans, which gives us much fuller control of the group, allowing us to intervene and follow up directly to achieve greater depth of insight.

We apply the same principles when working digitally. We design the interactions and then jointly manage the feedback and follow up questions with our trusted partners. This means we capitalise on their cultural and linguistic knowledge whilst ensuring that we, as gatekeepers of the project objectives and commercial context, get the valuable depth and nuance of insight we require. 

Whatever method we’re using, we handle all analysis and reporting, collaborating with partners to ensure we understand any aspects of the cultural context not already known to us, and applying our trademark clarity of strategic thinking to synthesise the findings. The net result is a more consistent, better quality, cross-market solution that ensures delivery of great insight, at both a market and global, strategic level.