For the love of meeting strangers

This article in @Positive News really spoke to me yesterday. I picked the magazine up idly in a waiting room, and randomly opened it at this page:

The story of how Will and Elee lived and how (with her help) Will healed his grief when Elee died by hanging out with strangers is moving in itself. On top of this, what really hit me was the paragraph highlighted in the photo

I’m also the offspring of a minister, and the way Will describes the home of a minister’s family is SO accurate. ‘Porous’ is exactly what it was. Open-doored, full-tabled, slightly chaotic, and full of life. I took it for granted then, but in retrospect it was unusual – and it was fabulous

I watched my own inimitable mother (RIP) welcome every friend, visitor, waif and stray equally, as unique and precious beings worthy of her attention, interest and love. And while I’m much more of a cynic than she was, the general principle rubbed off on me nevertheless:

EVERYONE is interesting
Everyone is valuable.
All feelings are valid, and useful
All of us have a story to tell

That’s why I love my job so much. People are just so damn fascinating. It’s an honour and a privilege that they share their feelings and stories with us

I honestly can’t imagine anything better