Trust your amazing brain

I saw this image and it reminded me of what it’s like, sometimes, on a research project. Every group is a little (or a lot) different, people in the back room are confused, panic starts to set in

Not everyone works the same way

We’ve been having lots of conversations lately about how the education system fails too many young people because it expects everyone to operate in the same way. One of the few benefits of lockdown was to highlight this, and we know of several young people who have stepped out of the mainstream to learn in a way that better matches who they are, and what they need.

Lucid sponsors CHOMP at Fabrica

This post comes to you with warmest wishes for 2022 from all at Lucid.

Because we strongly believe that creativity really matters (and we’re not just saying that) and because child food poverty is a travesty, we are sponsoring a year of CHOMP at Fabrica.