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Using movement to get more from people

Finding out what people think or how they feel about their lives, the brands they interact with and the ideas we share with them is what our work is all about. But people don’t always find it easy to know (or express) what they think and feel. Our experience has taught us that one of the most effective ways to help get round this is to stop the talk and ask people to move.

It’s all a bit Sneetches:

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear someone in the insight world claiming qual is dead and it’s all about Big Data and behavioural economics, or semiotics is the new black or all these things lack the depth and emotional insight you get from being face to face, so groups and workshops are still the answer and if they’re co-creative, even better. If you grew up with Dr Seuss you’ll understand what we mean when we say: don’t you think it’s all getting a bit Sneetches?

Is Big Data a ‘nonsense’?

Anyone who’s had the good fortune to work with Sir John Hegarty will agree that what’s so brilliant about him is how he manages to be one of the greatest creative leaders the ad industry has known without ever going all precious or wafty about it.