Lucid’s fresh approach delivered inspirational, insightful research that has really helped to drive our organisation forward. Real proof of actionable research in practice

Our vision

Lucid began in 2006. The original team met at a larger agency in London, loved working together and wanted to do more of it in a more focused way in a smaller consultancy. The idea was to work with brands and clients we admire, using methods we’re passionate about – and live in Brighton. 16 years on, our vision and commitment are unchanged (and we’re still in Brighton!).

What you see is what you get​

We are a small team of highly experienced people and what you see is what you get. If you ask us to prepare a proposal or pitch to you, the people we propose will be the people who do the work. This means you get an insight team from start to finish who are all experts in the industry and commercially and strategically astute.

Working collaboratively

We are firm believers in the power of collective intelligence, so we make a point of working together on projects, sharing both fieldwork and analysis, and acting as a sounding board for each other to push the thinking.  
We also love to collaborate with clients and other agencies/consultancies, such as creative agencies, design consultancies and quantitative insight companies.
It’s our experience that working together really does mean 2+2=5 (indeed, often much more).

More effective internationally

On international projects, we collaborate with trusted local partners, but we don’t leave them to it. We both lead and actively take part in all aspects of every project, in every market.

This enables us to keep the global perspective in mind throughout and ensures the same standard of understanding, analysis and clarity of outcomes across all markets.